Departure from Milazzo

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Tour di Vulcano

Departure from Milazzo at 9 am.
After sailing along the Capo Milazzo headland, the ship heads out towards the island of Vulcano

Vulcano full day

Departure from Milazzo at 8 am
After sailing around the Capo Milazzo headland, we continue on to the island of Vulcano and reach the harbour at around 9.15 am.

Panarea Stromboli by night - limited edition

Departure from Milazzo (Each Saturday)
From 1st of June to 30 of September at 12:15

Departure from Milazzo to Panarea (there will be a technical Stop in Vulcano and Lipari); before docking in S.Pietro’s port you will sail along Baia Calajunco and the small Zimmari’s beach...

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